More things I’ve learnt about gardening

I managed to quiz Sensei Paul on a few bits and pieces last night, this time on gardening rather than running. I learnt a bit…

About ants: I should try to get some kind of pesticide dust apparently, to keep them off, because “everything loves plums.” We also found a spot where they were invading the house and Amanda kicked their ass with polyfilla. They won’t be getting in that way again…

The Fiskar’s weeder I learned about from Amanda’s cousin in Denmark, and which I’ve now ordered, might end up a good investment if I can get the knack of it and get the roots up on the dandelions et al. It’ll certainly be cheaper in the long run than chemical treatments given the size of our lawn.

The patches of unlevel turf where I replaced the random paving slabs in our lawn need to be taken up to be levelled – if I just stick soil on top the grass might grow through, but more’n likely I’ll just end up with weeds. No lazy option for me.

Sweetcorn, despite its low yield, might be good for our small veg plot as the sugars turn to starch the second it’s picked, so the proximity of the corn to the pot / BBQ will ensure a taste sensation. Outstanding.

It’s important to time putting veg in so we don’t end up with a glut when it all fruits / is ready for picking at the same time (we haven’t done this sensibly with our tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers).

Tomatoes need to be fed with fertiliser every week or so as they grow.

Our fruit trees are probably in the early stages of developing fruit, having flowered. Which is exciting and surprising in the first year. I think I’m meant to trim buds so that the trees can devote their energy to growing roots instead of fruit, but… heck with it. The online advice I’ve found is conflicting, so we’ll just see what happens.

It’s amazing what a few minutes conversation with a Sensei can teach you! A more general produce update will follow…