Diabetes and fruit sugar

I’ve been indulging my polymath interests by researching and blogging about a number of different things over the course of this sabbatical and one of the things I wanted to write about was the relationship between eating fruits and type 2 diabetes – the contention has been made that you can eat as much fruit as you like, as its fruit sugar  (fructose), not sucrose (which is what diabetics struggle to break down with their diminished supply of pancreatic insulin). [[A Level biology flashback – Islets of Langerhantastic ]]

I have a hunch that – in moderation – there’s no issue for diabetics in eating fruit but people who persuade themselves that they can eat as much fruit as they like are deluding themselves as you’ll end up with carb overload eventually. In finding a definitive answer to this question, however, the Internet is failing me as there is so much conflicting opinion out there. Whilst no-one says you can eat as much fruit as you like, some say that fruit sugar is actively harmful, and some maintain all things are good in moderation.

So I don’t have an answer here. I have a feeling that fruit juices in particular have the easy potential to be bad things for type 2 diabetics (especially those with weight/diet issues) as most have added sugar and, irrespective of that, too much fruit sugar can overwhelm your body’s ability to process it (hence the High Fructose Corn Syrup controversy in the US). Again, when taken beyond moderation…

Can anyone point me to any useful, reliable resources?