Juneathon 2010: Armand’s wrap up

Here are the final scores:

Runs    (14 days) – 59.8 miles
Cycles    (11 days) -  73.3 miles
Crunches   (11 sessions) – 1200
Push-ups    (3 sessions) -  45
Blog posts – at least 30 from me

Zero days with zero exercise, although my poorest effort was the 26th – which featured a pathetic 15-push-ups and amateur street-golf game – and few days had zero aerobic exercise except at the height of the injury.

The knee is still recovering, physio session pending, but a brief holiday is coming and am much looking forward to it. Happy Juneathon everyone – and here’s to a busy (but less injury-filled) July – and a calmer and more thought through series of posts on the LSR as we go forward.

George Wright; Giles Fraser