The novelty wears thin

I was unequivocally enjoying Juneathon until my injury hit last week and since then I’ve been quietly fuming, doing my sit-ups (100 this morning) until I could get back into the rhythm of it. Cycling (standard 11k there and back today) has resumed, and am going to try a run again tomorrow, but the novelty of daily posts has started to wear thin.

My daily exercise isn’t particularly interesting at the moment – just routine – but that may change once I set my mind, feet and knees to breaking personal bests and ramping up the training for the New Forest half marathon.

That said, my blogging schedule is going to diminish post-Juneathon, you may be relieved to hear -  down from 7 to 3-4 max posts per week – and will actually be about stuff, like, y’know, barefoot running, running buggies, juggling running training, a commute and a baby (not literally), and the ongoing quest to cut my BMI down to size. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and will think up as captivating headlines as possible on my early morning runs, I promise.