Waitrose Keralan spiced chicken soup review

Description: From the pack – “A warmly spiced soup of coconut milk, British chicken and green beans with a mix of Keralan inspired spices and chilli.” Sounds about right.

Health: Hrm, not great. There’s a lot of coconut milk in there, which is fantastic for the taste, texture & consistency of the soup, but not great for the calorie count, ramping up to the 450 or so mark for the pack.

Taste: YUM. A gentle spice, thick with chicken and well cooked beans and just the right level of seasoning. A really delicious soup portion.

Full-o-meter: Excellent. Probably the coconut milk in here weighing everything down, but it does keep you going.

Verdict: 4.5/5. One of my favourite shop-bought soups.