Eat vegetable gyoza dumpling soup pot review – @eat_news

Late night on Thursday, so Friday saw me craving some salt – a new ‘soup pot’ at Eat appealed… For those not in the know, this is where hot salty broth is poured into a pot full of cold ingredients to make instant soup.

Description: Salty moreish soup broth poured on egg noodles, bean sprouts, chinese cabbage and other veg, topped with hearty meaty yet inexplicably vegetarian gyoza.

Health: Soup pots are normally pretty healthy from Eat, but this one, in addition to the salt explosion, also hits quite high on cals at 473 for the pot.

Taste: Pretty darn tasty – I generally tire of soup pots as they degenerate into salty stock when you run out of the rest of the veg, filling, etc. but this one seems better proportioned. The gyoza are very tasty, filled with soy or quorn possibly to give them a meaty texture without the meat. Veg are fresh and crunchy and the egg noodle provides substance.

Full-o-meter: Pretty good – this is a big portion with a good half-dozen gyoza in the pot in addition to veg, noodle, etc.

Verdict: 4/5. My new favourite soup pot, even in spite of its vegetarian-ness, although the broth based nature of the soup makes it appeal less than their usual ‘big bold’ options.