Crussh chicken chilli stew review – medium

On @LicenceToGil’s recommendation I discovered that Crussh had a shop near me so I called them up to establish the soup offerings were worthwhile and popped on over. Frustratingly, they didn’t warn me they were running out so only got a ‘medium’ – not enough for a normal sized man, but OK when supplemented with some sushi, it turns out.

Description: From Crussh: “This is a Crussh Original, Our chicken chili stew started out as a seasonal soup. But you missed it so much we had to bring it back, according to you it’s a soup for all seasons.” Popular it seems. Yes, it’s a chilli (in the Mexican sense of the word), but with chicken instead of beef.

Health: Pretty good on all counts – the medium is only loaded with 155 calories – low on sat fats, etc. But quite heavy on the salt – 1200mg or so!

Taste: Really very good. It tastes exactly like it sounds – a chicken chilli. As ever, I’d be happier with more spice, but good amount of meat, and nicely textured and spiced otherwise.

Full-o-meter: Meh. Only 12 oz portion to go on so hard to tell.

Verdict: 4/5 – tasty, but small portion, large amount of salt, a longer walk from work, and costing significantly more than Eat (£3.15 for 16 oz) and Pret (2.99 for 14 oz) at £3.60 for a 12 oz portion, I’m not sure I’m going back anytime soon.