Eat Hungarian goulash soup review – Big Bold

Description: Eat doesn’t provide food descriptions, so I’m just going to stick in a Googled recipe in each mini review. This is roughly what goes into a Hungarian goulash soup.

Health: Low cal, low-fat, non-dairy and relatively low salt by Eat standards, this is a pretty healthy soup. At only 284 calories for the Big Bold portion, its low even by the standards of my diet, so you’d probably want some bread to pad you out (I went for billtong – all about the protein).

Taste: Unfortunately, the lower salt content takes out some of the ‘boom’ tastiness from this soup and its a relatively bland, tomato-based beef and potato soup that’s left. The fresh chopped parsley garnish adds a pleasant fresh tang, but the potatoes are a bit flavourless and (in my portion) were slightly crunchy. But then, I’m not a mad keen potato eater.

Full-o-meter: It does fill you up – the soup is thick and textured from the tomatoes and the potatoes, so doesn’t feel insubstantial.

Verdict: 3/5. Not their finest work, but I’d probably have it again if the mood took me.