Uncle Genga

One of my Dad’s closest friends, and a constant visitor to our house since, well, forever from our perspective, passed away this weekend, in KL. It was rather sudden.

Although not technically a relative, Uncle Genga was family. A friend of my Dad’s since the early 70s, we know his family, we looked forward to him shouting up for Daddy as he walked around the neighbourhood in the evenings with his dog and/or his family, and I’m pretty sure he was strongly influential in my father buying the family home where he did (around the corner from Genga & family).

Uncle Genga was as proud of our successes as My Dad is of Genga’s son’s — and, whilst we didn’t speak a great deal, he would make a point of grabbing us when we visited home for holidays and ask us about each aspect of our life in turn. He loved a good story, and would spin yarns with my Dad and their other friends into the small hours of the morning. He was a constant, solid and reassuring presence through the proverbial good times and the bad, and we will all miss him a great deal.