I’m not a morning person

For the last couple of days, at least partially inspired by the fatbloggers, but also due to various other (personal) incentives, I’ve been waking up early to work out. A cycle lap around the park yesterday, and some light weight training this morning to remind my body of those muscles I’ve forgotten about… Hopefully the park again tomorrow.

Interestingly, its not the exercise that’s been causing me the most issues. Yes, its hard to motivate yourself, but when the sun is shining gloriously it’s a little easier. Rather, its the earliness of the morning. It hurts, but, as I knew I would, I have felt good during the day as a result.

That said, when I was doing my lap of Regents Park yesterday I was taken back to my school days, heading up to far distant school pitches at ungodly and unpleasantly cold hours of the morning… It was a strangely nostalgic moment.