Medical review request: The Last King of Scotland

In and amongst all the media madness this week, a brief return to my usual brand of randomness. I’d like to ask Mr Polite Dissent (aka Scott) if he’d do a medical review of The Last King of Scotland. Scott: enjoy your blog, and wonder what your thoughts on this film were. (Thanks to Dr Gil for pointing me to Polite Dissent).

In particular, could a freshly qualified doctor, at the ripe age of 22 (or thereabouts), cope with the conditions he encountered in Amin’s Uganda in 1970? Even a Scottish one?

Would he be as diagnostically astute and capable of delivering the appropriate level of treatment he’s portrayed as managing?

And would trapped gas, caused by the combination of beer and aspirin, cause a man to think he had been poisoned?

What poison pills was he dishing out?

And what ‘booster’ would make you feel ‘strong’?

I’m sure there’s more. Be interested to read your thoughts!