Welcome, CNN viewers

…and apologies to my regular readers. Normal service will resume shortly.

Had a fun interview with CNN’s Jim Boulden just now, about the same Viadeo research I wrote about yesterday. We covered much the same ground and he interviewed our HR manager as well, so will be an interesting piece when it airs, on one of their business programmes today or tomorrow. They did a close up shot of me accessing this site, though, so am curious as to whether I’ll get a flood of visitors tomorrow…

Had a nice chat with Jim whilst the lights, etc., were being set up — we talked about codeswitching, something my mother looks at as part of her socio-linguistic research. I adapt to accents – particularly American accents – much to the chagrin of my more English friends. I think I managed to sustain a consistent British-ish accent for the interview, but let me know what you think if you see it. Jim has lived in the UK for 17 years (he’s American), but his kids speak with fully British accents. Must be an interesting house!