I used to love Sony, but recently it seems everyone there has gone nuts. I’m particularly fond of this blog, which charts the progress of the PS3. It’s not positive, needless to say. Even less so than Maddox.

Particularly amusing quotes include:

Sony has clearly manufactured a PS3 for every man, woman and child in Europe. Either that or NO ONE WANTS THE THING and its cumbersome 3D avatar system from 1998.


If you buy a PS3 this means you’re not allowed to whine about loans or attend anti-capitalist rallies with your sack-cloth-wearing, dreadlocked, stinking, gap-year-in-Thailand-going-off-on, quorn-eating friends. You’re also not allowed to spend the next 25 years of your life only talking about your “uni” friends and the things you did in “uni” and how much fun you had in “uni”. That last one’s a general rule even if you don’t buy a PS3.

On the pricing, and comparison to Blu-Ray drive costs:

“It’s official – the PS3 is cheaper than the combined price of two more expensive things. It’s certainly food for thought.”

On a pre-ordered 60GB PS3 selling for £390, excl delivery:

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Moron pre-orders PlayStation3, then sells it on Ebay for less than he paid for it. Other UK auctions are currently floudering, too. Genius. Global justice. WELL DONE, BRAVE PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN. THE END IS NIGH. THE END IS NIGH!

N’uff respect to Commander Zorg. Let’s see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I suspect I’ll remain content with my Xbox 360, and maybe buy a Wii for Wii-mote bowling.