Lovely holiday

I had a fantastic, restful time in Austria. Was with a fairly wonderful bunch of people, so much relaxation, silliness and general fun ensued. The song of the moment was ‘Ruby’, by the Kaiser Chiefs, often with other words substituted for Ruby. Thanks to Chris and James for their help in sustaining the blog, I appreciate it and hope you’ve enjoyed the break from my usual brand of inanity.

So you know, I did not ski (owing to some carpel-tunnel badness), but the sun did shine, I did walk 15 miles in one day, consume Gluewein and be throwing of the snowballs. Much funness, schnitzel, dancing, and sawing of logs.

Millions of photos are over on Flickr, and have even set up a group so that everyone with digital cameras can pool their resources. That’s here.

Oh, and do you like the new skin? I might work up a new masthead once I decide on the necessary proportions.