Fratellis, Brixton Academy, rock

I always read gig reviews with a certain amount of ‘erm, what?’-ness, as I don’t understand that bands who leave me so utterly speechless with the sheer rockingness of it all can be described along the lines of (searches for reviews of the gigs they’ve been doing since the 2nd and is annoyed to find there aren’t any online so makes up a generic example instead):

“The frenetic energy of the band is in sharp contrast to the controlled precision of their lyrics and the masterful thumping of the resonant bass.”

What I have to say about the Fratellis is rather more straightforward: they rocked hard. They’re great live. All their music is fantastic. All of it. Especially if you like, erm, music. Oh, and the support band was bad. Mind bogglingly bad. So bad, it took me a while to get into the Fratellis who rocked hard from the word go. If the support band had been competent but generic that would have been a better choice than incompetent and… nope, no redeeming characteristics. At all.

Ok, I know that’s probably the reason I’m not a music journalist (possibly one of several), but its amazing to walk away from a gig with that feeling – your ears slightly buzzing, shaking, warm and excited by it all. It was great. I’m listening to the album again now.

That’s said, I was irritated by the beer throwing, hooligan-esque fans. Why would you do that? Never mind that people could get hurt, or fights could start, or the overall annoyance of being sprayed with beer…