Blog advice needed

I’m on the hunt for some blogs. I’ll trawl Technorati, but having found lately that my RSS reader is populated by over-posting A-listers (who are great, but…) I think I’d like to read some people who are writing well, in the UK (preferably), on topics I care about.

So: appreciate the suggestions on blogs about –

    * writing fiction. Specifically sci/fi or fantasy
    * gaming. Any flavour, but hopefully less prolific than the brilliant Kotaku.
    * home recording / garage band tips and tricks (US sites are fine for this one). I could use some help working out what I’m doing here. Guitaring specifically would probably be useful. And other sites that are as useful as PJ’s Chords and Lyrics and
    * Windows Mobile tips and tricks. I love CoolSmartPhone – but any more?
    * Windows Vista tips and tricks. I get most of mine from LifeHacker at the moment but they post too often, and wouldn’t mind a filter.
    * health. All the fatblogging stuff is somewhat inspiring, and whilst I don’t intend to do it publicly, I may set up a widget on my desktop.
    * webcomics – well, more webcomic feeds than blogs about webcomics, which could be dull. I read QC, XKCD, Ozy and Millie and Dilbert. Oh, and Hugh, of course.
    * More about the tech landscape in the UK. Enjoy Vecosys, and of course have ValleyWag, TechCrunch and a plethora of others for the US…
    * Everything I need to know about UK politics in one post per day or less. Anyone doing this one yet? ;-)
    * You. I’d like to read the blogs of people who are reading me, so if I don’t know you have one, please tell me

I don’t really need any more tech blogs, but love them so send them on if there are any that you recommend that you think I might have missed. Haven’t worked out how to share my subscriptions from Google Reader as yet (is that possible?) so afraid its not easy to list them all… Have to find some OPML sharing site. Any recommendations on that?

There are more topics that I care about. But that’ll do for now – be great to get your thoughts!