Premiere of the Peter O’Toole movie, Venus

Just been to the VENUS premiere with Maz. Was a great film, actually. Wasn’t too sure on the basis of the trailer (especially with the cheesey American voiceover in the version below)…

I don’t think this can be said often enough, but Peter O’Toole and Leslie Phillips are LEGENDS. I had a very strong desire to walk up to them both at the end of the film and simply say “Marvellous. Splendid. Wonderful.” — completely sincerely (although I would have fun speaking in posh). Sadly Leslie was occupied and Peter had left early, but still. Splendid. Marvellous. Wonderful. I hope you’re into blogging ;-).

Here’s the trailer for you:

It opens this week and I recommend everybody sees it: all the acting is magnificent, most of the writing is wonderful, you feel uncomfortable where you’re meant to, warm where you’re meant to, and pensive and confused where you’re meant to. Occasionally, admittedly, it is confusing as to why he’s quoting the most obvious Shakespeare out there (I mean, even I recognised the quotations), but it was, I guess, broadly appropriate.

It’s a love story. And a story of a life (mostly) well lived. “You have been loved, Maurice.”

Thanks to Alicia for sorting tix via Buena Vista…

Celebrity spottings: Hanif Kureshi, Peter O’Toole, Leslie Phillips and Jodie Whittaker (beautiful young star of the film) – for those curious, it’s her real accent (or close to it!).

Update: Sheels was at the premiere too, and just sent me a text to let me know she is standing at the bar next to Peter O’Toole! Cool!