Happy 2007 – I am resolved

Happy new year all! Had a fantastic New Year in Edinburgh despite the cancellation of official festivities. We had a great few days in a fantastic house, making silly jokes, drinking and partying, playing spontaneous games, walking between pubs and threading the needle and stripping the willow in the streets.

Despite the BBC (and other news outlets) apparently pre-prepared coverage of the cancellation (it was broadly anticipated), it really wasn’t that windy. It was, however, bitingly cold and (you’d never believe this) there are a LOT of hills in Scotland. As a consequence, I am both happy and tired today, and extremely glad to have booked the day off to recover (especially as jetlag seems to have resurged and I’ve been up since 4am).

I’ve made a set of resolutions (I’m going to find somewhere memorable to put them) — alongside achievable daily goals for each one as suggested by Alexander’s blog, via Lifehacker.

They are:

    Sort out my shinsplints once and for all
    Lose weight, get fit
    Write novel
    Blog regularly
    Eat healthy
    Write an album
    Save to buy a flat in the next 1-2 years

Not many of these will be unique to me (‘lose weight’ is the most popular NYR on Joe’s Goals, a cute goal tracking website I am trying out), and we’ll see how well I maintain them, but it’s good to set a bar.