Trivia – *updated*

I’ve just discovered Twitter, thanks to Timbee, amongst others. Hopefully this means I’ll be less inane over here; if you’re looking for the trivial minutiae that characterises my every day existence, look over here. The Google Talk plugin is addictive, but does actually make blogging less timewasting. Or does it just mean I share things that even fewer people have any interest in? The everlasting question.

Is there an IM plugin for WordPress? Of course, I’d then have to go through and tag everything manually afterwards… (ongoing thought process that’s not worth sharing with the world…).

I’m starting to lose track of all these web2.0 registrations… argh!

Update: Fully addicted. I have started to narrate my life. I guess this lets me be a bit more like one of my heroes, Dr John Dorian. There’s even a badge in the sidebar, now, so you can see what I’m doing at any moment.