Ethnic Santa and Citizen journalism *updated*

They call me ethnic Santa...Had a great time at my office Christmas party last night; our bosses do really know how to throw a good party. Am glad I’ve taken today off to recover; more from need of additional sleep than any particular excesses. That said, someone did seem to have slicked the floor in Strawberry Moons and, as a result, I slipped and injured my ankle. A day of RICE for me, methinks.

But to the point of the post: I was asked this year to be Santa for our office Secret Santa gift exchange. Very honoured, I think I rose to the challenge and donned the (rather slimming) Santa outfit. Of course, it was all rather hilarious. After the gifts had been delivered and my task fulfilled, I headed back to my desk to shut down before we went out for the evening and found an instant message from a client waiting: one of my ‘citizen journalist’ colleagues had, within a minute or so of the pack splitting up, emailed a picture of me in my Santa garb to my client, who was duly amused.

The curse of camera phones ;)

The really annoying thing, of course, is that I forgot my own camera and have no photographic evidence of the evening myself. Hopefully people will email some things across to me in the fullness of time…