Today was the D-Line.

When I got the Orange Wednesday text in after a hard day’s, erm, rockin’, I was pretty psyched. Very few people I know showed any sign of enthusiasm, mild interest, or even moderate contempt at seeing this film: even my most juvenile friends thought it would be rubbish. Naysayers. They didn’t bother me. Patty Y joined me for what was possibly the cinematic experience of the century (according to the trailer).

It was Destiny.

The movie is exactly as good as it should be. Completely true to everything that is the D: fast paced, funny, coherent in a trippy sort of way, and definitely rocking. Man, does this movie rock. And whilst it plays to the conventions very well… it does some things differently. Sometimes when you expect it to rock… it rolls. And when you’re expecting a patronising speech… you get a bizarre lesson about Satan being in everyone’s heart.

I am not sure that non-fans, or the weak of spirit, will really get this film. I mean, if you don’t like swearing, then you can ******* **** right off. If you don’t like rocking, well, you too, buddy. So I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, recommend it to everyone. But if you’ve ever chuckled at *any* of Jack Black’s songs, go see Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, on a disappointingly limited release in the UK right now. It won’t make you laugh as much as Borat did, but it will make you laugh.

Oh, and that couple that was making out in the front of the cinema at the Trocadero? What was that all about? Mind you, I suspect the D would approve…

: my ultimate team-up right now. For a band, project, comic book, whatever:

Jables & Cage
Kevin Smith
Neil Gaiman
John Cusack
Matt Stone & Trey Parker
Scarlett Johannson (because she should be in everything)

That would be great.