Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny (CD)

My CD arrived.


It is a thing of awesome beauty and power.

On first listening, I wasn’t sure if they’d tried too hard with the whole comedy thing. I mean, there are some kickass funny tunes on there. But I was looking for music that rocked so hard that it would literally blow my mind. And a few listens in, I’ve realised that this is it. From the tuneful lyrical genius of ‘Dude I totally miss you’ to the adrenaline fuelled ‘Storm the gates’ to the final battle with Satan in ‘Beazleboss’… It’s all awesome. And there’s everything good about the eponymous track, too (video below).

This is truly the greatest rock band in all of human history. Jables is on my list of people I want to be like (alongside Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Kevin Smith, Carl Sagan and John Cusack).