Borat is doing great…!

Check out the reviews! This pleases me.

The people in the small Romanian town Sacha Baron Cohen filmed in are complaining [paywall], though, as they weren’t really given enough, in their opinion, for the humiliation the film puts them through. The 73 year old woman who plays Borat’s mum was paid €30 and 200kg of concrete, which she is now using to make some repairs to her house.

If you get past the paywall for the FT, or have Saturday’s paper about, do read the full article. The mayor of the Romanian province’s comment was bizarre (and funny, given the film involved) – something like “If they got paid I am sure they are happy. Those gypsies would sell their own father.” A strange piece to read in the FT!

In the meantime, Borat is getting sued by the idiot students, has had an awesome opening weekend and you can make prank calls to your friends using the Borat soundboard. Deleted scenes are appearing on YouTube and the internet sensation continues to grow.

This movie is genius.