IE7 has serious memory leak issues

I mean, bad, bad, bad memory leak issues. FF used to be bad – I’d leave it on for a few hours and it’d suck up 150MB of system RAM and need to be killed. FF2 seems to be much better than that – still some memory bloating, but relatively stable and I can generally close it before I have to kill it.

IE7 just pumped 350MB of RAM into Windows Live Messenger (don’t ask me how, but it was clearly IE that was the issue because when I killed that… well, problem solved).

Come on, MS. I like you guys better than you deserve. IE7 is beginning to feel like a piece of badly designed bloatware. And if you guys have inked some kind of deal with Intel to make me upgrade my PC just so I can cope with IE7, you’ve got another thing coming. I’ll just go FF all the way, baby, and deal with the consequences on Outlook Web Access and my Sharepoint websites.

I can’t believe I installed this piece of £”*$&£($& £$(*…

3 thoughts on “IE7 has serious memory leak issues”

  1. I have had the same issues… and I fell prey the same way. I was tired of having to switch from Firefox to IE just to administor all of our SharePoint sites (don’t even get me started on why we are using SharePoint).

  2. I notice this say issue myself today. I don’t worry much about ram because my laptop has 1.5 Gig. However, I do like to track things because I’m just anal that way. IE7 jumped up to 150MB. I’m like holy smokes! My computer games and photo editing software doesn’t get that big! Shut it down, reopen and it’s around 30 meg. Run it for a little bit and it’s tripled in size! Scary stuff.

  3. I don’t think it matters how much RAM you have. The memory leak will eventually bite you – I have a gig on my desktop and work laptop as well and the problem still requires killing the app. It’s only if I leave IE running for a while, though – it can cope with an hour or two on…

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