Borat opens this week

Regular readers will know I saw the movie back in September, and loved it. Been following the hype with some interest, from Borat’s response to the Kazakh government following their criticism, to his appearances at premieres, and more, and simply can’t get enough. There’s something very captivating about that silly man.

Interestingly, in my hunt for more Borat related content, I found a couple of relatively sane interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen (playing himself). I don’t think Sacha does interviews any more (only Borat, Ali G and Bruno), but its definitely interesting to see the man behind the mustache.

Kazakhstan the greatest nation in the world, all the other countries are run by little girls…

One thought on “Borat opens this week”

  1. Hmm – SBC did an interview on the Daily Show a couple of months ago as himself rather than any of his characters – I imagine in the Great YouTube Purge of 2006 it is no longer available to look, but you might be able to find it…

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