We’re big on myspace: The Public Betas

Ok, so Tom was around today and helped finish a second song for the Public Betas. Also gave me the motivation to fix the bridge on the other song and now they’re both up on the band’s myspace page. Sorry if it sounds a bit amateurish – a professional musician/sound engineer I’m not. But it’s fun, and hopefully funny. You can listen to the first two songs – the Firefox Love Song and Transparent Emotion (the Google Talk Presence Information Song) on Myspace.

The band is me (all instruments and some vocals), Tom and Chris (songwriting expertise and geek knowledge), Mazmo (vocals on the Firefox love song and hopefully more in the future) and Pob has helped out (general whiz on all production and musical things ever). Mazmo and Pob are The Minutes Music, so you should check that out — they sound well good.

Enjoy! And add us as friends on myspace if you’re that way inclined! Chris, we need to work on music videos. Think: youtube sensation.

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