2 thoughts on “Kate on Radio 2”

  1. Proof, if any were needed, that the six degrees of seperation is real.

    1. I google Damian Kahya
    2. I click onto your blog and recognise (definitely) your name and (maybe, via some parties) your photo
    3. I read your blog. Is interesting
    4. I read your post about your friend Kate who works on the JV show
    5. I think “I know someone who works on the JV show. She’s called Claire”
    6. I realise that Claire was at journalism college with Damian (see 1.) and I, the reason I ended up on your blog in the first place (see 2.)

    It’s more of the four-degrees cycle, really. Still, very curious. You should ask Kate if she knows Claire. That would be strange.


  2. Hmmmm there are two Claire’s – one who most certainly wasn’t at Journalism school with Damian – the other, well I’m not sure…

    There are two other freelancers on the show that were at journo school with D though…. small small world.

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