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I’m not normally a particularly emotional guy when watching films. I mean, when it gets really sentimental or there’s a really, really sweet ending, I might get that little lump of ‘awwwwwww’ that we all get, but that’s about the size of it. I don’t walk away too upset when a film is bad, and whilst I am touched when a film is very emotional, I can usually walk it off.

Last night I watched a film that was bad for a weird reason: it was too close to real life (also badly written, acted, and generally annoying). I mean, limited narrative, but all the emotional manipulation that you expect from (bad) people, not movies. And there was no other purpose to the film: the whole thing seemed designed to make you feel uncomfortable, sad and depressed. Which it was successful at.

I don’t really want to name the film as I’d kind of like to hear people’s opinions on it unprejudiced by my view, so I’ll keep stumm. But I’m still shaking off the funk (really, disproportionately depressed by it), so if you have any amusing emails or links, I’d probably particularly appreciate them today.

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  1. Weird because the lead male is normally a comedy genius. There’s nothing fun about watching pain – especially with such a contrived half hearted ‘resolution’.

    Did you hate CLOSER too?

  2. Sheels – haven’t seen Closer, so don’t know. But you’ve given people some hints.

    Irina – liked your Ninja interview. Will check out again – thanks for the comment!

  3. “it was too close to real life (also badly written, acted, and generally annoying)”

    Lemme guess – “An Inconvenient Truth”? :)

  4. Ha — no, not Mr Gore’s film. Shall I just tell everyone? It seems unfair. The build up isn’t really all that necessary…

    It was ‘The Break Up’ – with Jen Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Two normally comic actors being deeply, deeply unfunny.

  5. From Sheila’s above comment I thought you were referring to the new Zach Braff movie (which has been panned in quite a few places).

    Also – Vince Vaughan fair enough – but Jennifer Aniston? She’s done nothing good apart from ‘Friends’ and in that she was hardly the most three-dimensional of characters.

  6. You’re not wrong about JA, but all I said was ‘normally comic.’ You can be kind of funny without being a comic genius. She wasn’t kind of funny in this film. The whole thing was a pile of rubbish.

    Sorry to hear re: Zach B’s new movie, though, he’s a genius.

  7. The new Zach Braff is going to be ace. When should we venture out Budge? I think Saturday EARLY.

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