It’s my birthday…

So, it’s my birthday and I’ll start a blog post with “so…” if I want to ;)

After I woke up this morning to fight off an imaginary bat, I checked my email (yes, yes, I do that, I am a geek) to about 15 lovely emails from family wishing me. This was followed by big hugs from my parents as I left my room. Funny how you don’t realise that you do miss that on your birthday, no matter how used you get to being without it, or how old you get! Also have had lovely greetings and a v. amusing card from work folk… a good day so far!

Anyway, more family-oriented birthday fun tonight (more celebrations to follow later in the month, I’m trying to break records for how many birthday parties I can wangle!).

Wish me in the comments if you’re so inclined, alongside anything you think I should resolve to do in my 26th year on this fair planet.

Love, Armo

One thought on “It’s my birthday…”

  1. Awwwww Hope you had a budgetatic day and that you were a Super Budge for the day.

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