Veni, vide, vici

Last night’s dream was a doozy (I believe that’s the term).

First, I was a doctor, and I got to use such choice phrases as:

“I’m a doctor, damnit!”

Then, inexplicably, I was amongst the legions of Rome – all of whom sleep outdoors in bunks very similar to the bed I had at school. Who knew? As I pulled my imperial toga from the suiter case I had hanging in my cupboard at the end of the bed (I wasn’t a soldier, no kilts for me, only manly togas with teal trim) — I received the summons. Julius wanted to see me.

“Crap,” thought my dream-self, “now I’m in for it.”

See! I told you it was a doozy! Bet you wish you had dreams this interesting. You do? I’m crazy? Shut up!