The Moodatron ® 1000™

A miracle of modern invention, the Moodatron ® 1000™ is a bluetooth-enabled mood-broadcasting presence enabled device, capable of detecting your current state of mind and providing that information directly to your favourite instant messaging application or even Livejournal! An online community site, www.mood.ron can even aggregate your mood, plot it by time of day and compare it to other people with similar moods to you! Find your fellow mooded friends, and date them!

On the move? The Moodatron ® 1000™ is compatible with your bluetooth enabled mobile phone!

Invented by geniuses with white coats and electrodes, the Moodatron ® 1000â„¢ has been decribed by fuzzy dolts around the world as “the greatest invention since ‘what I’m listening to’ plugins” and “a must have for all people with no need for personal space!”

The Moodatron ® 1000™ will hit the streets shortly after the first order has been placed. The R.R.P. is £20m. It is not Mac compatible.

Feeling pissed off? Tell the world: get the Moodatron ® 1000™ today.

(so that’s my crazy web 2.0-ified purposeless invention; inspiration struck after about a week of thinking of amusing things to do with the presence information options in Google Talk and MSN Messenger. No, no, I’m not a complete geek. Why would you say that? Shut up, or I’ll shoot you with this phantom zone gun!)

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