Spurs 2: Sheffield Utd 0

OK ok, probably just n00b excitedment, but got well into last night’s match. Never mind that Spurs 2nd half performance (until Dafoe came on) was mediocre at best, or that it was against a promoted side… it was just plain fun. I need to watch more of these matches…

Planning on watching every Spurs game I can this season. I even know the names of some of the players! Although spelling will take a while to follow…

2 thoughts on “Spurs 2: Sheffield Utd 0”

  1. In full knowledge that I’m very unlikely to be able to smugly post this later in the season:

    1. Man Utd
    2. Pompey

    11. Spurs

    Actually, I quite like Spurs, particularly since you sold us Pedro Mendes, who was unfortunately knocked out last night by a filthy Man City player.

  2. Ah, but, as our manager so wisely observed, the premiership is not easy. Nothing wrong with mid-table.

    And Berbatov – he could lift us up to at least 5th in the table.

    And now I’ve exhausted my knowledge of all things football related.

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