Marvel comics advocate Netscape?

You remember Netscape, right? They were around before Microsoft destroyed them with Internet Explorer and their pioneering ‘Navigator’ and ‘Communicator’ internet browser software bloated itself to death. ‘Bloat’ here being the technical term for what happens when you include tonnes of features in an application that no-one needs, reducing its performance, increasing its complexity and killing its appeal.

Well, in one of the more recent issues of ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ – (I think it’s issue 533 – ‘Civil War’) – loads of people go out and Google something (yes, Google – the page is illustrated with almost complete accuracy) – using a Netscape browser.

Bizarre. You’d think those geeks would be loving Firefox or something, but apparently not… Marvel, you’re a strange bunch!

4 thoughts on “Marvel comics advocate Netscape?”

  1. Well, the latest version of Netscape is heavily based on Firefox so they’re not falling too far from the tree… having said that, I know no-one who actually uses NS these days so I agree it’s a little weird.

  2. Thanks for the comments all. Chris, as you say – weirdness in the choice of Communicator — especially as it seems to be quite an old version of Communicator. Maybe they just haven’t surfed the web in a while.

    Sheila, Wu-Tang – it is both strange and a marvel. I concur.

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