The greatest ego in the universe

It’s not me; but be warned: most of the links in this message point at content that might offend the weak-spirited.

I thought I’d fling a pointer at Maddox, one of the most amusingly offensive people on the Interweb. Noel pointed me at him ages ago, back in ’98/99, but an interview with him by the nice folks at B3ta reminded me of his unique brand of “cynicism and arrogance,” as B3ta puts it.

I don’t really know the purpose of his site, so don’t ask me, but a lot of the stuff on there is funny (for various reasons) and reading about some of the mail he gets gives an alarming insight into the eclectic (and unstable…) make-up of the people out there. Be safe online, people.

The interview on B3ta in particular is very funny…