You gotta be cruel to be kind

I’ve had shin issues ([[compartment syndrome]], apparently) for a while now – ironically caused by too much running/impact sport back from my heyday of squash/gymming a couple of years ago. Today I had the first treatment session – medical massage to loosen the tissue.

Damn, it hurt. And it’s going to cane tomorrow.

Slightly optimistic about the results, though — but was slightly surprised when Bernie (for such is the name of the miracle-working masseuse) pronounced that he was done three quarters of the way through the session and asked if I had any other injuries. I mean, confidence in your abilities is one thing, but ‘curing’ a chronic condition in 40 minutes?

I hope so! My physiotherapist was less convinced, but we’ll see. I have about a month of slow, tedious stretches to do before I can start thinking about any kind of impact activity, but hoping to make it out on the ol’ bike before the weather recedes too far.