The bluffer’s guide to football…

I am, to the shock, horror, bemusement and outright disbelief of everyone who knows me, trying to understand a bit more about football this season. I’m not sure why – I guess I did enjoy the world cup (despite England’s mediocre performance) – and to a certain extent have had enough of looking and feeling completely clueless everytime a conversation about the latest premiership transfers kicks off.

So I’m supporting Spurs, am subscribed the the right RSS feeds (as provided by the BBC), and even signed up to the Metro’s fantasy football game, playing in a private league organised by Tom. If you’re up for getting involved, let one of us know and we’ll send you the pin. For those curious, my winning striker combination is Berbatov (who I have high hopes for) and Crouch (the funniest man in football). I’m playing a 4:4:2 and have Paul Robinson in goal.

Why Spurs? Well, I’m not sure who my local club would be by geography, but have taken a policy that I’ll support the team supported by the first person who explained a sport to me. For football, this was Bozza back in my school days and Damo more recently (both Spurs fans, obviously) and Daf explained Rugby to me – so I support Wales in the six nations – and everywhere else. It’s one of the advantages of having no ‘origin’ location to speak of – Malaysia only really figures in international badminton and squash (and sepak takraw, but who’s counting…).

I am enjoying freaking out people who expect me to know nothing, though. I just keep saying “Berbatov’s having a great run,” or “I think Berbatov is going to make his 25 goals this season,” or “We’re doing well in the pre-season friendlies,” and people just stare at me blankly.

The joys of RSS ;).