On a rainy afternoon…

…thank, erm, heavens for the rain! For those of you elsewhere in the world (and who care about the weather), London has roasting for the last week or so and today has brought some much needed rain. *Phew*.

Where’ve I been? It’s been a bit of a busy social one – Gareth took us to the Blue Man Group show, which was wonderful, surreal, hysterical, energetic and fun in every way — recommended to anyone. Also a couple of drinks parties and general summer goodness.

This afternoon I’ve been fiddling about writing music and recording, with some help from Pob – he’s got a gig happening in two weeks, which I’ll be at – do come along if you’re keen on great live music! Over the next week or so, though, I’ll probably get around to actually laying down the tracks of this song and we’ll see how it sounds… if its not completely rubbish I’ll think about uploading it.

Tonight: off to celebrate Chris‘ new job in far-east London. Should be fun – expect me to finally deliver on the promise of catching up on a few blog topics of more substance and power tomorrow.