Movie on demand, oh yeah

I was feeling slightly under the weather yesterday so came home an collapsed in front of the TV – to find that, as we’re out of season for most of my favourite programming (with the notable exception of the new series of Scrubs…) that there wasn’t much on.

So I finally got around to checking out the on-demand experience that is Lovefilm. Now, I really don’t like the Sky on-demand experience – and renting the film off Lovefilm cost exactly the same amount but was in a format that I – as an ubergeek, I guess – was comfortable with, and with a payment method I was happy with. £3.49 on my credit card and 20 minutes later (how long it takes for 1 gig of hi-res DRMmed video content to come down an 8 meg pipe), I had my movie.

An altogether painless experience.

Of course, rather too many stumbling blocks for the average user – I have TV-out, am unintimidated by the need to enter a password into Windows Media Player, erm, have the latest version of Windows Media Player… etc.

So just a little bit pre-mass market. But do recommend it to anyone with the tech-savvy to make it work.

Oh – the film, btw, was the Dukes of Hazzard (2005 remake). And I don’t recommend that, really, for any reason other than the pretty people in it. Which isn’t a recommendation. Don’t see this film. Under any circumstances.