New York

So, New York was… amazing. Everything from the movies, and TV, that I’ve seen was… true. Moreso. Better. It was like London, stretched – and even more diverse and exciting, if that’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trading cities. The pace of life in NYC was… hectic – more than I’d be prepared to deal with in the long term, I suspect. But it was just… unreal. I was not the only person going around saying “it’s like being in a movie,” — heard at least two passers-by say almost exactly the same words in Times Square. Which is understandable; that’s like Leicester Square on speed.

So, my pivotal NY experiences in a nutshell:

    Having slices of American scale pizza
    Drinking root beer
    Seeing broadway, Madison Square, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, the Empire State building, and more
    The walk / don’t walk experience
    Comic book geeks on the street (!!!)
    HOT DOGS. Oh yeah.
    Tipping (man, I hate working it out… much more of a science than here)
    New York cab journeys
    Chinese takeaway, complete with egg roll (so cheap!)
    The NYC retail experience (a world away from the service we get in London – much better!)
    Learning what ‘uptown’ and ‘downtown’ meant
    Central Park in the sunshine, on the water
    Watching movies and photoshoots happening
    Having a bagel near Tiffany’s
    The biggest ever plate of cheese in Mexican restaraunt
    Seeing a broadway musical (oddly, Sweeney Todd, set in London)
    Riding the (so much better than London underground its not funny) Subway

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