Addicted to eBay

This always happens when I’m busy and have tonnes of things I should be doing… A Sky Digital box that died under the weight of ages (7 years of heavy use!) led to my researching and purchasing a replacement on eBay, or face the prospect of having my wonderful Tivo box lie fallow and cause me to miss critical episodes of Smallville and the like…

And now, I find myself dipping in and out of eBay far more often than I want to – after all, I don’t really need a Fender Telecaster, or a Media Centre PC, or a PDA… Why am I so materially bound? ;)

Ah well. Did resist making bids on any stupid items but instead bought another set of [[Peter Hamilton]] books… which I can in some way justify as a productive purchase, and which the Indian part of me is pleased with for the discount I got by finding them on Amazon marketplace (it’s the Greg Mandel series).

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