If I was any judge, I know to who all medals would be awarded: they would go to Tarka (“Tarkie”), the most darling of puppies. 5 months old, wet nosed and noisily curious, like all the worst tourists. Maybe I am biased, but he’s my first godson. But with his beauty and sweet temper, he is pretty perfect. God bless Tarka. I would put a piccy up but i think it might fly in the face of privacy laws. Also, Budge has taken the camera with him and my camera phone and I don’t entirely understand each other.

Have been reading the Ali Smith book that’s up for Oh So Many Awards. Initially quite a dizzy-making experience, now loving it as have come to grips with the multiple stream of consciousness that was brutally assaulted with. Smith is quite morbid and that certainly runs across all the characters.

And it’s the start to the end of the working week! Hope my newly loyal readership is well.

4 thoughts on “Tarka”

  1. I want a subjunctive in the first line! I demand subjunctives!

    I’m reading Dodie Smith’s ‘I Capture the Castle’. I’m terribly behind. So many books, so little time…

  2. That’s the book Mills was recommending last night…Let’s swap when you’re done?

  3. Wow, i now know where the – how do i put this kindly – ‘intellectually superior’ (?) wile away the dummed down hours between wake, work and sleep… Gatsby Crapsby – where can i talk about Big Brother!!
    p.s. forgive me, i am only a receptionist (temp!)

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