R/Micky = Ace Rimmer

Ok, so am quite tired and aware the blog posts are getting less structured, but wanted to get this thought down before it faded into meaninglessness in my notebook. Ricky (or is it Mickey) from the new Dr Who is the equivalent of Rimmer/Ace Rimmer from Red Dwarf, don’t you think? At least if you’ve seen the Cybermen episodes… A moment of redemption for a lifetime of mediocrity. That’s the stuff.

More thought through post on the greatness of the new Dr Who series to come (with the possible exception of the Cybermen episodes, although the jury’s out on that one); when I’m feeling less knackered.

Crikey, some geeky posts tonight. Gaming and Dr Who. Tomorrow I will post about women and sport and, erm, BEER, to prove my manliness. Oh yeah…