A spiffing day at Ascot

DSC01463 Had a great day at the races with Matt, Marion and Louise, as guest of Cisco Systems. Cisco sponsored the track, and also did a considerable amount of work building the all-pervasive unified IP network to support Ascot’s communications infrastructure, wireless and otherwise.

Had only been horse racing once before, and not to Ascot, so didn’t quite know what to expect. The venue was awesomely impressive, a lot of glass, steel and concrete; modern, yet quietly tasteful. The drinks were priced for the extraordinarily wealthy (or perhaps just those who managed to place successful bets), and the races were fully entertaining. An excellent day, in short, even if I did come up £14 down on the races… clearly there’s a knack to it I haven’t quite picked up!

More photos on Flickr, which, thanks to a new plugin from Joe Tan, is now pseudo-hosted on Division6!