Back… on the BBC

So, the story of poor Guy Goma, who was brought on as a commentator for a BBC news programme about the Apple v. Apple courtcase, is an interesting one. Valuable lessons can be learnt from this:

Bloopers are funny, especially on the Beeb!

Bad though I feel for Guy Kewney, who was left waiting in the lobby as a fellow pundit taxi driver job seeker took his place and his identity on National Television, I can’t help but chuckle at the hilarity of it. And of course, both Guys have received an inordinate amount of media coverage, and Guy Coma will probably be offered a slot on the next season of The Apprentice thanks to his slick blagging skills. Presumably the Beeb will get Mr K back on to comment on some other breaking news story pronto!

Video is here, if you want a quick chuckle. The man done good.