Firefox issues

Does anyone else find that Firefox occasionally decides to suck up 100 meg of RAM and 95% of your CPU? Is this a known bug? Is there anyway to fix it other than restarting FF a couple of times a day?

Come on, my fave browser!

Also (and a long shot) – anyone know if Firefox will be made Sharepoint compliant?

And who am I talking to, exactly?

7 thoughts on “Firefox issues”

  1. Yes. I do. It does.

    No, it’s not a bug (AFAIK), it’s just the way it goes if you’ve been working it too hard. It’s normally if I’ve downloaded a metric assload of stuff, have many many tabs open, and haven’t shut it down for a few days.

    I think it’s just the downside of it being so quick and user-friendly most of the time – it’s a memory-hungry little beast when it gets riled.

    Thunderbird’s even worse, for what it does.

  2. Yeah, Firefox can basically stop garbage-collecting and end up hogging memory. It *is* a bug, but IIRC one so tricky to fix the FF guys don’t want to sort it out. But in my experience it only usually happens after 24-48 hours of Firefox uptime – surely you don’t need your browser to be on for that long? :-)

  3. Nope, happens on my work machine after 2-3 hours tops – sometimes with only two tabs open (admittedly one of them is Ajax heavy Gmail). And the biggest thing I have to download at work is a half meg word doc.

    Hope they fix it soon.

    (oh, and I know about Thunderbird. It’s why I abandoned it a while ago – it was just intolerable).

  4. I’m sure it is Windows. Many windows items use up 95% soon enough.

    I’ve found a lot of crashing with pandora and the latest update on gmail when using messenger.

    Maybe apple is the way ahead?

  5. Hold your tongue, Mango!

    Only 3 apps ever do this to me – MSN messenger, Outlook & Firefox. Firefox by far the most frequently.

    And last time I used Firefox on a Mac, it ran like a hog!

  6. Weird. On my overheating and slightly crash-prone laptop Firefox can go for the best part of a day before falling over. Could it be an errant or incompatible plugin?

  7. It could be. The only one I’m running is the blogger blog comments plugin, which doesn’t seem particularly heavyweight. Might uninstall it and see what happens…

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