Was involved in a debate at work a couple of days ago. Idea was to get people thinking about tech issues, and it worked. The content of my argument – justifying Google’s self-censorship in order to gain access to the Chinese market – was fairly unoriginal, but had fun piecing it together nonetheless. Cheers to Rach for organising.

I really thought I’d had it when SK popped out with “The Great Firewall of China” to close his case – a good pun always impresses me.

But the rhythm of the thing reminded me v. much of my debating days (before I was completely put off the notion of intellectual debates by the Cambridge Union) at school under good old PASF. Peter (who is one of many Mr Miyagis I’ve had the good fortune to encounter), he taught me well – even though in my debating history at school I never once convinced the audience that my case was worth voting for.