Taking care of business

I really hate the task tracker in Outlook – the reminders it fires up are irritating, and I haven’t found a useful way to track sets of actions. Googling around revealed nothing satisfactory, but I’ve found some cruddy freeware client that lets me do hierarchical task management – which makes it slightly easier to keep track on what I’m working on, stuff I’ve delegated, etc.

What I really need is one that (1) lets me print out my task list (a limitation built into the client I’ve downloaded, the premium version costs money and (2) I can access from anywhere. This local client model really doesn’t work for task management.

So really I probably want Google to design one.

The reasons I haven’t linked to the software I’m using are twofold: firstly, I’m not sure I want to even implicitly recommend it to anyone and secondly, I can’t remember the search string I used to find it. I didn’t deem it worthy to add to my Linklog…