L’il black book

At Waterloo I thought it might be nice to pick up a PDA with wireless capability so I could blog remotely. I looked and looked for a notebook that suited the requirements, but whether due to Dixons decision to rebrand as Currys Digital or some other circumstance of fate, there was a rather limited selection of electronic notebooks available.

So I got a lower model.

Ages ago (back when I was blogging with motime for cryin’ out loud), I wrote about ‘manual blogging’ – using archaic ‘writing’ technology to pen my thoughts on a convenient napkin of sorts. Now, I bring you manual blogging 2.0 — my very own little black notebook, in which, much to the frustration of my family, I have been writing down every joke I (or anyone else) has made, random observations about life, and occasionally just a list of what I ate for dinner in the hope that it will provide useful fodder for blog posts, and, in the main, for the upcoming novel…

We’ll see. It’s definitely fun — feel I’m capturing valuable imagination capital that might otherwise be lost. Like Jerry Seinfeld, however, there is the occasional scribble that doesn’t make sense to me the day after… For example, why did I write down ‘nun with soft-boiled egg’ on the first day here in Bruges?

Of course, now that we’ve piggy backed onto a wireless network in the hotel I can blog directly, but I like the little black book and it may come in handy in the future. At UKP2.75 it was a damn site cheaper than a WiFi enabled PDA, anyway :).