IE7 compatible

I’m pleased to announced that Division6 is IE7 compatible.

From having spent a few minutes with the browser, I have a few things to say.

(1) It looks good. Sleek lines, nice colours.
(2) Its v. much playing catch up with Firefox, which still seems much better. Few features seem demonstrably different.
(3) That said, there are some nice things. An interesting tab browser to smooth the tabbed browsing experience, RSS integration, etc.
(4) Even though IE7 loads up quicker than Firefox, it does seem slightly slow/clunky. Not sure if that’s just my machine…

All-in-all, though, except through getting people who don’t realise they have a choice of browser, I’m not sure there’s enough there to worry Firefox, in terms of the all-round goodness of its browsing experience.

Update: Ok, so it double posted on a single click. Well, its still in beta…

3 thoughts on “IE7 compatible”

  1. Hmmm. I’m posting this from IE7. Looks okay. All of my a:hovers don’t work in it – which is odd, because every other site seems to be fine…

    Don’t like the shadows on the non-viewed tabs. Makes ’em a bit hard to read. Something odd about sans serif text on lots of sites. (Are regular sans serfis fonts displaying as one of the new Vista fonts? Looks quite a bit like Corbel, or maybe Calibri.) Could grow on me, but right now it looks a bit shonky.

    Loading speed seems on average about the same as Firefox; noticeably slower on some, noticeably quicker on others.

  2. I’ve had a lot of spam lately, think it was being overly cautions. Comments approved now.

    I meant more that IE’s load time itself, rather than its load time of websites, is quicker. I think it still does something weird with sequential loading of images that makes it slower than firefox on the whole. Also seems to suck some system resources.

    I suspect the new fonts are Vista-esque, but probably still liable to tweaks and changes… Essentially underwhelming release, but that said, wasn’t really expecting a paradigm shift in the web-browsing experience.

    Just faintly surprised as to the degree to which its just playing catch-up…

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