Experimental fiction

I’m now on my last Raymond E Feist book, having read my way through his entire back catalogue (with the exception of Faerie Tale). Will eventually blog thoughts on the series/characters etc, but having just pushed my way through his experimental joint ventures (the “Legends of the Riftwar” series) was impressed that he’d not ruined the universe through his collaborations.

From what I’ve read, he gave his co-authors a lot of independence in writing the stories – and its worked to good effect, importing different styles, different characters, different types of story into Feist’s lovable world of Midkemia. Gotta say, everything that’s bad about fantasy continues to be bad – stilted dialogue, excessive verbosity, etc – but enjoyed the stories more than I expected.

So everyone who’s waiting for the next book in the Darkwar series to be published, go back and dip in. The Krondor novels are surprisingly entertaining, and the Legends series have something to offer as well, if they’re not a patch on Riftwar, Empire, Serpentwar and Conclave of Shadows

Hmm, wonder if I could persuade Mr Feist to let me dip a toe into his Worlds…